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The Black Purl
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The Knit List:
On the horizon:
Sock War Socks
Some sort of sweater (For me!)
Tabby Cat Mat
Dreamy throw

On the needles:
Icarus Shawl
Rustic Ripple afghan (earth tones)

In the wake:
Hoover Blanket
Rustic Ripple afghan (purple/red)
Classic Cloche
Feline Dim Sum wonton
Branching Out scarf
Loopy wrap
Baby bonnet
Chutes and ladders scarf

Molly's blue sweater
Tempting sweater
Jim's hat

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The Black Purl [userpic]

Okay, so I left the Hoover blanket at home by accident, but I did have the afghan I'm knitting for my parents in the car, so I'm not yarnless for the day (Baruch Hashem!). I have plenty of time to work on this, but since it is an afghan, it's going to take a while. I don't have a pattern picture to post here, but I'm sure you'll get the idea--just imagine it's much longer.

It's the same pattern I used for Molly's purple and red afghan, and also made with Lion Brand Homespun. By the end of it, I'll have used 2 skeins each of Prarie, Barley, and Fawn. Yes, it is three colours, though the difference between Prairie and Barley is subtle. The yarn is synthetic and thus 100% machine washable, which is useful, and the colours should match my parents' den flawlessly. I just have to keep picking it back up and working so it'll actually be done by Christmas, ends woven in and all.

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The Black Purl [userpic]

It is completely unfortunate that this brain-numbingly easy, yet actually quite attractive, pattern requires such outlandish needles.

I really do want to knit it as a winter gift for Molly's parents, but for G-d's sake, when, outside this pattern, will I ever use 32" size 19 circulars? For that matter, where am I supposed to FIND 32" size-freakin'-19 needles?

Sigh. I continue to knit the Hoover blanket, but crankily. I found a mistake in the stupid thing five or six rows up in the pattern. It's not the end of the world, and with some clever thread I'm pretty sure I can camouflage it, but how did I miss it? HOW? Damn, damn, damn.

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The Black Purl [userpic]

Okay, so the pattern for this blanket was evidently written by someone who didn't need to follow it. The pattern is nowhere written all together, and is pretty choppy going. This resulted in me knitting all 190 stitches in the first double-knit row three times yesterday afternoon. I knit it correctly the first time, then when I went back to see what to do for the next row, I couldn't find the part of the pattern that had instructed that I knit it in that fashion, but did see that it was very similar to the pattern for a different colour pattern of the blanket. So I ripped it out and knit it the way it said to do it. Then I looked farther down the page, and after the instruction to bind off is this little gem: "." %$*#@!!! That's how I knit it the first time! I ripped out the row AGAIN and reknit it the original way, hating the author of this pattern with every freakin' stitch.

So please understand, when you look at the strip of blanket here, that by rights it should be MUCH BIGGER. The relative lack of progress is NOT MY FAULT. Aargh. This is going to take ages!

Glad I started this early--I'm going to need the time.

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The Black Purl [userpic]

Okay, Mom's holiday gift (the brown afghan) is being put on hold, as my very Catholic cousin is pregnant with her 7th (I think???) child and I've learnt she's due in October. I've started on a slightly modified version of the Hoover blanket at Knitty as a gift. The pattern seems interesting, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the double-knit center part of the blanket is going to turn out.

Since it's for a baby, I wanted superwash wool because it's both flame-retardant and machine-washable. Looked all over town, but no dice unless I wanted self-striping (I didn't). Being as I'm too impatient to order yarn online when I itching to get started on an interesting-looking project, I pored over all the natural-fiber options at the LYS and ended up settling on some gorgeous Cascade 220. It took a while to pick out the colours, since there are about 5000, 2000 of which were actually in stock, but I settled on a gorgeous green and cream. (I got 3 skeins of green 9407, and 2 of cream 5601 for those of you keeping score). While it's certainly not the kind of yarn you can just chuck into the washer with everything else if when the baby spits up on it, it's the least likely of the yarns I had available to felt into something tiny. 220 is about my last choice for felting, which made it my first choice yesterday morning. Having made my purchase, I wasted no time and got it on the needles yesterday afternoon whilst at work.

I'm almost ready to start the actually interesting part of the pattern (meaning that comprised by anything other than garter stitch). I'll keep you posted.

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The Black Purl [userpic]

Okay, with the addition to the family of a digital camera (courtesy of my father-in-law), there is now no excuse. I'm going to actually start blogging my knitting. In an effort not to spam my dear friends, I'm giving the knitting its own virtual space. Otherwise people who couldn't care less what I do with needles in my spare time would be forced to scroll past volumes about whatever project I'm mangling working on. I don't have the camera with me now, so pictures will not be forthcoming today, but soon! Really--soon.

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