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The Black Purl
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The Knit List:
On the horizon:
Sock War Socks
Some sort of sweater (For me!)
Tabby Cat Mat
Dreamy throw

On the needles:
Icarus Shawl
Rustic Ripple afghan (earth tones)

In the wake:
Hoover Blanket
Rustic Ripple afghan (purple/red)
Classic Cloche
Feline Dim Sum wonton
Branching Out scarf
Loopy wrap
Baby bonnet
Chutes and ladders scarf

Molly's blue sweater
Tempting sweater
Jim's hat

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The Black Purl [userpic]
Fiber Fog

Okay, I know it's been longer than I meant since I updated, but something (lack of pictures, lack of computer access, new spinning wheel etc.) always seemed to be getting in the way. Now, however, pictures have been taken, minerva710 is sleeping in, my bobbin is nearly full, and I am free to use the computer.

As I am certain that the mention of a new spinning wheel didn't slip by you, cunning friends and knitters that you are. So here's the scoop:

The fiber and drop-spindles I ordered from Simple Market Farms arrived on Monday. The Blue Faced Leicester wool is fantastically soft, and the drop-spindles are beautiful. I would recommend them highly, but they no longer make them, which is terribly sad. The wheel did arrive, as the lovely Kate promised, on Wednesday, and I set it up that night. Over the next two days, I proceeded to spin some really uneven, wormy, fluffy stuff that I don't really like to call "yarn" (you can see it on the kate at the bottom of the wheel) that will become Molly's first foray into the world of Kool-Aid dyeing. But on Saturday, I figured a couple of things out, changed the bobbin, and spun this:

It's not much, but after the first skein, it's gorgeous.

Mood: ecstaticthrilled
Music: Daniel Powter - Bad Day

Oh dear, a spinning wheel. And an Orange Tabby cat. Can we trade lives, just for a few hours days decades ?

Oh my god. Your "hobby" has reached a new level and I think we need to get you some serious intervention help. You know what this much yarn can do to your liver. Also, you have a regular job, a "hobby"(I use this term loosely, you scary knitting-and-SPINNING person) which you totally love (and even made a journal for), a girlfriend, and a cat. When did life turn normal???