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The Black Purl
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The Knit List:
On the horizon:
Sock War Socks
Some sort of sweater (For me!)
Tabby Cat Mat
Dreamy throw

On the needles:
Icarus Shawl
Rustic Ripple afghan (earth tones)

In the wake:
Hoover Blanket
Rustic Ripple afghan (purple/red)
Classic Cloche
Feline Dim Sum wonton
Branching Out scarf
Loopy wrap
Baby bonnet
Chutes and ladders scarf

Molly's blue sweater
Tempting sweater
Jim's hat

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Triumphant Return of the Camera

As you can see, fresh batteries have been snapped into the camera, and the first thing I did was to take my John B. outside to snap some pics of it under the crab apple tree. See? I told you it was much more gorgeous than that other picture made it look! I still haven't cast on, but I will...oh, yes. I will. The Zorro roving I got last week from Crown Mountain Farms will be photographed tomorrow along with the couple of ounces of yarn I've managed from it, as well as the Tibetan dreams roving that I haven't touched.

I've been wanting to make a top for myself for a while now and never decided on a pattern to use. I'm also headed to a fiber festival in early October (for which it would be nice to actually wear something I've knit), as well as the Richmond Celtic Festival in late October. I've been looking for something nice to wear with my kilt for three years now, and as I've never quite found the right thing, it finally occurred to me I should just make the right thing. So I signed up for the Sexy Knitters Club Simple Knitted Bodice KAL, because that pattern will fit the bill for all three. I even think I could finish the thing in time to wear it, thanks to having the whole first week of October blocked off as vacation. Knitting on the porch looking at the ocean sounds pretty darn appealing, wouldn't you say? So all that is fine and dandy, sounds great and all, but at this point, I'm really torn as to what yarn I'm going to use to make it. I would love to use the Tilli Tomas yarn, but I'm really not sure I can justify the cost of the stuff (stupid expensive silk). I want to see what alternatives are out there before I injure the finances as seriously as purchasing that yarn would do. I also definitely want to pick up some Kureyon for a scarf, so I'm wondering if anybody's interested in making the trip down to Mosaic tomorrow for Starbucks and yarn (and maybe even a little Five Guys afterward?).

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Sorry I've not posted for so long, luv,

This site is awesome. Have started knitting again after a long hiatus. Finally have some time or am actually making time to do it, and have a long way to go! Talk to you soon!