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The Black Purl
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Sock War Socks
Some sort of sweater (For me!)
Tabby Cat Mat
Dreamy throw

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Icarus Shawl
Rustic Ripple afghan (earth tones)

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Hoover Blanket
Rustic Ripple afghan (purple/red)
Classic Cloche
Feline Dim Sum wonton
Branching Out scarf
Loopy wrap
Baby bonnet
Chutes and ladders scarf

Molly's blue sweater
Tempting sweater
Jim's hat

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The Black Purl [userpic]
Well I feel so broke up, I wanna go home.

So I've been dying to post about is my trip to Mosaic in Blacksburg, where I scored some fantastic new sock yarn! I am so tempted to jump this yarn to the top of the knit list! There were several different colorways I wanted, but I could only afford one, sadly. I've been trying to resist casting on, as I know I'll be into plenty of socks soon enough between Sock Wars and Socktoberfest 2006, not to mention I promised Molly some socks a while ago that I seriously need to get on top of. But the sock yarn calls to me, with its gorgeous, sunny colours and the great name for them (who wouldn't love a yarn colourway named John B.?)! I have to say, maybe I got a funky dye lot of the John B., as everywhere has it looking like this picture here, but I swear to you, internet friends (and IRL friends, too!) my John B. is much more attractive that the picture would indicate.

So why no picture to prove the beauty of my new yarn? I still can't find the battery charger for the digital camera! So I can't stand it any longer: I'm buying new batteries when I run by the store (again) tonight. It's the only saving grace of tonight's trip to the store. I just went to the store last night to buy the week's groceries, and (of course) since I didn't have a list, I forgot to get sandwich bags and...something else...

See? This is why people with Fibromyalgia can't be allowed to live alone in the wild. We get stupid sometimes. I really honestly can't remember the other thing I forgot to get. Maybe the donut holes will be restocked, though. >:)

Edit (6 hours later): I just remembered the something else. It's hot dog buns. We have a package of tasty Hebrew National dogs, but no buns. I'm making a list now, really. Bags, batteries, and buns. Conveniently alliterative, no?

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